The launch of Big Data Lab in December 2020

It’s time to think big and actualise our brilliant research ideas. With the launch of Big Data Lab in December 2020, we are able to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide Big Data Lab as a Service (BDLaaS) by making use of cloud computing, machine learning and AI technologies;
  • To coordinate the development of infrastructure to assist CPCE academic colleagues to make use of big data (data-driven) approach in conducting research; and
  • To facilitate colleagues to apply for research grants using big data approach, for instance, to estimate the budget in big data collection and processing, computing power and storage, analytics and presentation tools, etc.

At the “Development of Big Data Lab” research seminar on 26 November 2020, Dr. Jason Chan, JP Head of Information Technology discussed the nature of big data in different dimensions, types of big data research, processing framework, visualization possibilities, ways of partnership, and collaboration with corresponding vendors.

Once interested colleagues have a concrete research plan as well as confirmed big data source provider(s), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be happy to offer assistance on ways to proceed further.


Resources :

Type  Description Date  Last Update
Webinar  Cloud services to advance your research:
Microsoft Azure Webinar Series [by Microsoft] 
18-Jan-2021 13-Jan-2021



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