The CPCE Information Technology Unit (ITU) is responsible for providing computer facilities and technical services to the CPCE. The services of ITU at the CPCE are provided by 5 teams, namely Network, Server Administration, User Support, System Development and E-learning, and 2 functional groups, namely Training and Multimedia:

Network Team

Network team is responsible for the implementation of the network plan and management of the campus network; monitoring campus network, data centre, security infrastructure design and VoIP system; conducting network security assessment, audit services, and application security review; and designing and managing disaster recovery project.

Server Administration Team

Server administration team is responsible for the implementation of server and system policies and management of information dissemination; monitoring systems and servers; and managing technical documentation including proposal, tender specification, rules, policies and notices.

User Support Team

User support team is responsible for the end-user support and management of software asset; managing student computer centres and IT laboratories in HHB and WK campuses; and organizing IT training courses to all level of users.

System Development Team

System development team is responsible for the management of the interface files across systems; liaising with users to collect user requirements, outline system design and manage software engineering; working with vendors to meet project schedules and monitor development progress; and developing and maintaining other information management systems.

E-learning Team

E-learning team is responsible for the management of college e-learning platform; providing support to e-learning matters and organizing e-learning related training to academics and students; planning e-learning roadmap and designing and developing new e-learning features; managing IT Training System and CPCE Survey System.

Multimedia Group

Multimedia group is responsible for the provision of multimedia services to departments including design of greeting e-cards and posters and creation of photo albums; managing and updating ITU website.

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