Information Technology Unit

The Information Technology Unit (ITU) provides central IT facilities and services to support learning, teaching, research, administration and communication.

IT Facilities for Students

All registered students can have access to a full range of IT facilities and services on campus. These include computers, email, web-based learning services, Internet and network services, etc. Please visit the ITU homepage at for a full list of IT services available to students.

Student Computer Centres on Campus

Two Student Computer Centres are set up on campus for walk-in use by students. You can access the full range of central IT facilities through the networked PCs in the Student Computer Centres.

Wireless access points are available in all the lecture theatres and at convenient public areas around campus so that you can connect your notebook or other WiFi compliant device any time to access the central IT facilities.

For help or enquiries, you can contact the user support staff of Help Desks inside the Student Computer Centres.

Use of IT Facilities and Services

The privilege to use the central IT facilities and services carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations, which are set forth in the IT Policy for Services, Systems and Facilities at ITU website. Under these policies, all students are required to act ethically and legally, to protect the integrity and security of the systems, and to comply with all applicable laws, contractual obligations and regulations. Students must also abide by all the prevailing policies, rules, guidelines and standards applicable to the use of the central IT facilities and services as promulgated by the ITU.

You are expected not to:

  • Attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer systems in the CPCE or elsewhere.
  • Reveal your computer user ID and password to any other person.
  • Post and introduce obscene material on the computer systems, etc.

Any improper use of the central IT resources, in a way contrary to any prevailing rules and guidelines, shall be subject to disciplinary or other appropriate measure to be taken.

Help Desks and Hotline Services

You can seek advice and assistance related to the use of the IT facilities and services including enquiries on your username from the consultants at the ITU Help Desk/Hotline. You can visit the Help Desk located in Student Computer Centre of the Hung Hom Bay (HHB) Campus or the West Kowloon (WK) Campus in person or call the ITU Hotline on 3746-0818 (HHB) or 3746-0819 (WK).

Information Services

The use of electronic communication is strongly advocated and all ITU publications and announcements are distributed electronically. You can access it anywhere around the clock by browsing the ITU website and your email account.

To get full details and the latest information regarding the IT facilities and services, please visit the ITU homepage at You are also suggested to visit CPCE Portal at for CPCE email policy.

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