Student Notebook / Power Bank Loan Service

Student Notebook / Power bank Loan Service is available at ITU counter. Students are requested to accept the following rules before using the service.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each student can borrow one notebook and one Power bank each time

  • Borrowers must accept the device assigned to them by ITU Counter staff on duty.

  • Borrowers are required to check the quantity and functionality of the items when checking out. The College/ ITU reserves the right to charge the borrowers for any loss or damage due to misuse.

  • Borrowers must not add/ remove/ modify any hardware and software on the device. Any change of the appearance of the device, for example, adding/removing labels, is also strictly prohibited. In case of any offence, user’s borrowing privilege will be suspended permanently.

  • Notebook computer is provided for learning purposes only. Borrowers are solely responsible for any liabilities due to illegal or improper use of the device.

  • The device may be recalled for checking and other purposes and must be returned to the ITU Counters during opening hours as soon as possible.

  • ITU explicitly declined liability on the improper use or mishandling of power bank. User is reminded to observe the safety guideline on power bank before using it.

Borrow, Return and Overdue

  • Borrowers must present student identity card at the ITU Counters when borrowing the device.

  • Borrowers must return the device in person to the ITU Counter where they borrow it on the same day during the opening hours.

  • An overdue fine calculable immediately from the day following the date due will be charged.

  • The replacement cost may be waived if the lost item is found and returned within four weeks of the issuance of the notice concerned. However, the overdue fine calculable from the due date to the date that the item is actually returned still has to be settled. All payments are non-refundable.

Physical Damage

  • For any physical damage case and/ or overdue case for 3 weeks or above, the student’s borrowing right will be suspended for 1 semester and he/she is required to pay the repair/replacement cost in full.

Safety Guidelines on Power Bank:

  • Charging: You should receive a fully-charged power bank, no need to charge CPCE power bank unless you are instructed to do so. If the power bank becomes excessively hot during discharging, unplug it from the power source or your mobile device immediately.

  • Avoid short circuits: Keep your power bank away from metal objects such as coins, paper clips and keys. Do not insert any metal objects into the USB output port or joining terminals of the power bank. Short circuits may present risks of excessive heat, fire or explosion.

  • Storage: Keep the power bank in a cool and dry place away from heat sources, moisture and dust. Avoid leaving the power bank in places with high temperature such as outdoor under the sun.

  • Avoid applying excessive force on the power bank or dropping the power bank: By doing so, it may damage the internal components of the power bank and risk short circuiting the device when used.

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