Services, Systems and Facilities



Students are permitted to use the electronic data and Internet access facilities such as the computer network, student computer centres, e-learning platform and IT laboratories provided by the College for study purposes. However, the permission to use the facilities must be subject to any prevailing rules and guidelines including those contained in the Student Handbook and any applicable laws in the Hong Kong SAR. For instances, students should not post any derogatory, defamatory, obscene, sexually harassing or other inappropriate messages to the Internet from the College's network or circulate via the College's e-mail system. In any case, the use of the facilities must not conflict with the interest of the College.


Since the facilities are provided by and belonging to the College, the College reserves its right to monitor, access, use and dispose all data, whether personal or study-related, transmitted through or stored in its computer network, systems, electronic storage devices and documents. The right shall survive after a student's study with the College has terminated.


Any data including personal data which are transmitted or stored by electronic means on any electronic data or Internet access facilities belonging to or connected with the College shall be treated in accordance with any prevailing rules and guidelines.


Students who use electronic data or Internet access facilities belonging to or connected with the College, in a way contrary to any prevailing rules and guidelines, shall be subject to disciplinary or other appropriate measure to be taken.

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