General Rules and Regulations for Using Printing / Photocopying Facilities

General Rules

  • Facilities are intended for learning and teaching only, unless with prior approval from relevant CPCE units.

  • Users should read the user guide on printers/photocopiers or notice board first before using the facilities.

  • Users should read the details on printing charges on printers/photocopiers first before using the facilities.


User’s Responsibilities


  • Use the facilities for legitimate purpose only.

  • Use the facilities with care.

  • Take your own print outs only.

  • Report paper jam, print quota or print out quality issue to the ITU helpdesk

  • Report any irregularities to ITU helpdesk or Library helpdesk.


  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any printing/photocopying system.

  • Use the facilities for non-coursework purposes.

  • Move or relocate any equipment, accessories of the printers/photocopiers.

  • Open the lock of printers/photocopiers and take away paper from the paper trays.

  • Send large print job(s) to the printers which take over 3 minutes to process; ITU has authority to cancel any large (more than 90 pages) or time consuming print jobs.

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