Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP

陳繼宇博士 MH 太平紳士

Professional generalist, good at integrating cross-domain knowledge

EdD (Bristol); MET (UBC); MSc,
BA(1st Hons) (CityU); SCPM (Stanford); CPA (Australia); Mensan

Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP is an innovation and technology expert as well as professional generalist.  He is well-qualified with various degrees and credentials.  With diverse academic background and experience, he is an accomplished professional generalist in public administration, education, metaverse, artificial intelligence, big data, social media, social commerce, fintech, IoT, strategy, resources management, leadership, intelligent construction, smart city, e-governance and research methodology.

Dr. Chan is also a professional key opinion leader on social media, with nearly 200,000 followers on different social platforms.


Dr. Chan has been Associate Dean (Information and Development) College of Professional and Continuing Education, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2022.  He was appointed as Assistant Dean (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) from 2021 to 2022.  Concurrently, Dr. Chan has also been playing the role of Head of IT since 2009.


Dr. Chan is actively engaged in public and community service- apart from being Justice of the Peace, he is also serving on various committees and panels.  As for voluntary and professional affiliations, Dr. Chan is currently the President of Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA) and Vice-President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association.  He was Chairman of Hong Kong Mensa: The High IQ Society; President (Education) of Young Professionals Alliance, Vice President of HK Public Administration Association, etc.


In 2015, Dr. Chan set up Totaltact Network- an e-think tank that utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, to collect and analyze views from social media and the public to create a mega cross-domain knowledge platform.  At the same time, he is devoted to developing iTact’s “Edventures 學程” and “EdTechVerse 教科元宇宙” educational resource management and matching platform, in order to achieve equal opportunities in education and to break the threshold of knowledge acquisition.  In 2019, he founded iMake to promote Hong Kong iMakers 香港智造 and make businesses more innovative and intelligent.


Dr. Jason Chan is well-qualified with various degrees and credentials.


2021 Certified Practising Accountant CPA Australia
2010 Doctor of Education Bristol University
2007 Stanford Certified Project Manager


Stanford University
2005 Master of Educational Technology


University of British Columbia
2004 Master of Science in Computing


City University of Hong Kong
1998 BA (Hons) in Public and Social Administration

(First Class Honours)

City University of Hong Kong

Work Experience


12/2022 – Now Associate Dean (Information and Development)

College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

— Academic support and system development: campus, IT/IS systems, libraries
— Others: financial matters, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Units under the purview:
— CAR (Academic Registry)
— CEO (Continuing Education Office)
— CGAO (Campus and General Administration Office)
— CLIB (Library)
— ITU (Information Technology Unit)


09/2022 – 11/2022 Associate Dean (Development)

College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

Units under the purview:
— CESO (Employability Services Office)
— CSAO (Student Affairs Office)
— CLIB (Library)
— ITU (Information Technology Unit)


07/2021 – 08/2022 Assistant Dean (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)


Reporting to the Dean for the following responsibilities:
1. strengthen support for innovations and technology in CPCE;
2. enhance support for nurturing entrepreneurship amongst CPCE students;
3. strengthen cooperation among internal and external stakeholders and create greater synergy in R&D and knowledge transfer matters; and
4. assist in securing external funding to promote commercialization of CPCE staff and students’ R&D results.


2009 – Now Head of IT

College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)


Dr. Chan oversees the Information Technology Unit with 5 teams: e-Learning Team, System Development Team, Network Team, Server Administration and User Support Team.  ITU provides comprehensive IT services for over 12,000 students of Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) and School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED) and over 700 staff working in PolyU’s Hung Hom Bay Campus and West Kowloon Campus, and formulates IT policy and budget for the College, in which the scale is similar to some UGC-funded local universities.


The IT services has achieved the high rating of overall student satisfaction in Student Barometer, a global survey of student experience, and compared favourably with international and local universities/ institutions in recent consecutive years.


And he is also involved in the following works:

·    Director and Chairman of Executive Committee, Big Data Lab

·    Director and Chairman of Executive Committee, STEM EdTech Lab

·    Chairman, CPCE Information and Educational Technology Committee

·    Chairman, CPCE Career Planning and Development Steering Committee

·    Member, College Learning and Teaching Committee

·    Member, CPCE Staff Development Committee

·    Member, CPCE Grievances and Appeals Committee

·    Member, CPCE Library Committee

·    Member, CPCE Campus Committee

·    Member, CPCE Campus Sustainability Committee

·    Member, CPCE Staff Consultative Group

·    Member, PolyU Advisory Committee of e-Learning


2020 – 2021


2009 – 2017

2008 – 2009

Visiting Lecturer





School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Courses Taught in Undergraduate Programmes:

·    Integrated Study

·    e-Governance

·    Strategy and Leadership

·    Culture and Organization

·    Project Management

·    Methodology


2006 – 2007 Manager (Research)

Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre 智經研究中心


Projects coordinated and managed:

·    Building a HK-Shenzhen Metropolis

·    Enhancing Governance in HK: A Study of Civic Engagement in Public Policy Making

·    An Analysis of the Managed Care Market in HK

·    Development & Financing of HK’s Future Health Care

·    Review of HK’s Socio-Economic Progress: A Quantitative Assessment

·    HK Competitiveness: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

·    Competitiveness of the HK Economy: A Study on Productivity Growth, Unit Labour Costs & Structural Changes in Export Composition

·    China’s 11th Five Year Plan: Opportunities and Challenges for HK

·    The One Way Permit Scheme in the Context of a Population Policy for HK


2002 – 2005 Associate Investigator

The Open University of Hong Kong (current Hong Kong Metropolitan University)

Centre for Research in Distance and Adult Learning


Projects coordinated and managed:

·    Lifelong Learning in Hong Kong

·    Global Distance Education Network (GDENet) (World Bank Funded)

·    Web-based Interactive Tutoring System (Webits)

·    Direct and Indirect Effect of Online Learning at OUHK

·    Learning Science at a Distance: Students’ Perspectives of Practical Work


2000 – 2002 Research Assistant I

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (currently The Hong Kong Education University)

Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education


Projects coordinated and managed:

·    Supporting Teachers in Using I.T. in Special Education (QEF Funded)

·    Equity, Excellence and Efficiency of HK Special Education (UGC Funded)

·    Making Integration Successful (QEF Funded)

·    Learning to do Classroom Research (CERG Funded)

Independent Non-Executive Director (INED)

Dr. Jason Chan has served as independent non-executive director of INED, playing the role of supervising the top executives and senior management, improving the level of corporate governance, and not participating in the daily operations of those companies.

2021 – Now


B.Duck Semk Holdings International (2250.HK)


The main products include B.Duck.


2019 – Now


Bamboos Health Care Holdings (2293.HK)


Bamboos offers a wide range of professional, comprehensive and reliable healthcare staffing services, including private nursing staffing solutions as well as institutional health care staffing solutions. With a talent pool of over 20,000 qualified healthcare personnel, Bamboos serves as a trusted strategic advisor to our clients including hospitals, social service organizations, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and individuals with customized and most suitable healthcare staffing services. Services offered by healthcare personnel include:


Healthcare Institution Support:

·       Ward relief for hospital and nursing home

·       Temporary healthcare manpower

·       Out-patient escorting service for nursing home

Private Nursing Solutions:

·       Home care and out-patient escorting service

·       24-hour private nursing service

·       Professional care assessment service

Appointed Public Services

Dr. Jason Chan, JP has served on various governmental committees and panels.


2020 – Now Member Board of Governors, Prince Philip Dental Hospital
2020 – Now Member Entrepreneurship Committee Advisory Group, Hong Kong Cyberport
2020 – Now Mentor Cyberport Mentorship Services, Hong Kong Cyberport
2019 – Now Mentor Mentorship Programme, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
2019 – Now Member Dissemination and Promotion Sub-Committee, Quality Education Fund (QEF), Education Bureau
2018 – Now Co-opted Member

Consumer Council

·       Member, Digital Economy and Information Technology Advisory Group

·       Member, Publicity and Community Relations Committee

2018 – Now Non-panel Member Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office
2017 – Now Member Justice of the Peace Assistance Scheme, Office of the Ombudsman, HK
2017 – Now Justice of the Peace (JP) The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
2017 – 2021 Member Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Songjiang, Shanghai
2017 – Now Member Advisory Committee, Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF, HK$2 billion), Innovation and Technology Bureau
2017 – 2019 Member Assessment Panel, Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS), Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), Innovation and Technology Commission
2017 – Now Member Steering Committee, Child Development Fund (CDF), Labour and Welfare Bureau
2016 – 2022 Member

Property Management Services Authority

·       Convenor, IT Working Group

·       Member, Finance and Strategic Development Committee

·       Member, Human Resources Taskforce

·       Member, License Affair Committee

·       Member, Professional Development Committee

2016 – 2017 Member

Consumer Council

·       Member, IT Expert Advisory Group

·       Member, Publicity and Community Relations Committee

·       Member, Trade Practices and Consumer Complaints Review Committee

2015 – 2021 Member Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel, Judiciary Hong Kong
2015 – Now Mentor Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme (HKSES), Education Bureau
2014 – 2018 Non-panel Member Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit
2013 – 2020 Member Transport Tribunal Panel, Transport and Housing Bureau
2012 – 2019 Member Advisory Committee (Tertiary Education Sector Representative), Education Development Fund (EDF, HK$1.1 billion), Education Bureau

Major Social and Professional Services



2023 – Now



  Co-Founder, Hong Kong Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Property and Facility Management Federation 香港粵港澳大灣區物業及設施管理聯合會



2022 – Now



Specially Invited Honorary Advisor, Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Women Entrepreneurs Association 大灣區香港女企業家總會



2022 – 2022



Judge, HKIFM Excellence in Facility Management Award (EFMA) 2022: Smart Technology



2022 – Now



President, Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA) 香港數字貨幣研究院


With the theme of “New Era, New Technology, New Vision”, the forum explored how to restore normal economic vitality as soon as possible. The forum brought major stakeholders together from different political and business sectors, academia, and science and technology from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and the participants expressed their views and brought new knowledge and inspiration to the conference. The Forum has successfully hosted a large gathering of over 800 participants.
As a co-organizer of the Forum, Dr. JasonChan, MH, JP, President of HKDCA, said at the forum that the HKDCA is tasked with the mission of promoting the digital economy, gathering the strength of all parties and rising to the challenge. HKCDA was established in 2021 with the strong support of ACU Group. With the merger of the WDCFM and the HKDCA team this year, a new impetus for the HKDCA has been further provided. HKDCA has three major objectives: 1. to promote blockchain technology, law and business norms and set unified standards; 2. to invite experts from all walks of life to participate in the commercialization of the digital currency industry and gather strength; 3. to nurture young people and initiate creativity by organizing lectures and forum meetings to cultivate talents for the industry. By setting up different committees, including financial technology, application research, international technology and standards development, talent training, legal and financial affairs, and marketing, HKDCA will study digital currency-related issues, and at the same time nurture a new generation of talent in the industry, so that the digital economy can develop sustainably and build a better digital future together by pooling individual wisdom.


2021 – Now



Vice President, UNESCO HK Association 香港聯合國教科文組織協會


—- Chairman, Innovation and Technology Committee

—- Co-organized “2022 International Youth Tech Olympics” to promote STEM education and innovatio=ve technology in Hong Kong


2020 – Now



Advisor, Active Biotechology (a spin-off company of HK PolyU)



2020 – 2022



Advisor, Community Synergy for Rehabilitation Association 香港睦群助更新協會



2020 – 2022



Co-Founder, EDvengers 教育者聯盟 (Social Enterprise)


Purpose: For education, inheritance, and knowledge transfer.

Goal: Investing in the future is to invest in talents.

The first project: To cooperate with social welfare organizations and university students, to contact high-quality university students, and to provide students with academic guidance through social welfare organizations in a caring spirit.

In this service chain, EDvengers plays the role of arranger, carefully selecting high-quality, close-knit and responsible university students, and matching university students with social welfare organizations.

Activities create value for all parties: Different from general short-term volunteer activities, through tripartite cooperation: social welfare organizations, EDvengers and university students form a huge lineup to give full play to the synergies generated by the advantages of all parties to create more differences Provide high-quality services to social recipients with backgrounds.

Among the three, university students are the main front-line executives, the EDvengers plays the role of planning, screening and content design behind, and the social welfare organization plays the role of bonding between the grantee, the university student and EDvengers. As a hub, social welfare organizations not only provide platforms and places for recipients and university students to match, and achieve the effect of nurturing talents and caring for the underprivileged, but also a window into the community, which can become the focus of EDvengers to give full play to its strengths, and even then provide solutions to problems and pain points.


2019 – Now



Founder and Chairman, iMake 智造 (Social Enterprise)


To promote Hong Kong iMakers 香港智造 and advocate making business in an innovative and intelligent way

Started preparations in 2017, personally visited and learned from the innovation and technology ecology of Israel and Silicon Valley in the United States. It was established by Totaltact Networks in 2019 to try to fill in to provide assistance to start-ups that cannot benefit from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Cyberport, and also promote the uniqueness of Hong Kong brands.  There are currently nearly 200 companies and institutions listed, including start-ups (mostly) from different fields, enterprises, local and US Nasdaq listed companies, investment units, social organizations, etc.  Its goal is to promote “Hong Kong iMaker, imake Hong Kong”:

·    Assist start-up SMEs, intelligent production and service provision,

·    Activating traditional industries with innovative creativity, optimizing and matching the functions of various industries,

·    Establishing a business ecosystem suitable for the future , Industrial Revolution and Smart City.

Start collaboration from 3 plans, including certification, alliances, and financing:

·    Certification: Hong Kong iMaker — a company certified as Hong Kong iMaker must be a Hong Kong company with patents, trademark registration, franchise, and/or unique use Or innovative technological operations or transformation and operation of traditional industries.

·    Alliance: iMaker United — Generally, start-up companies are small in scale and operators are relatively young, social and business networks are weak, and the chance of success in bidding or receiving business is low. Matching through this platform will help the team grow stronger and stronger. These larger companies in the alliance can provide business opportunities for start-ups.

·    Financing: iFutureMaker — For potential companies, they can be recommended to contact venture investors or angel funds, etc., and even go public for financing.


2019 – Now



Founder and Chairman, iTact 智源動力 (Social Enterprise)


To promote applying AI in education

The plan began in 2016 and iTact was established by Totaltact Network in 2019. It has developed a patented artificial intelligence education resource sharing and matching platform: 學程 Edventures.  It is its responsibility to lower the threshold for obtaining knowledge and achieve equal educational opportunities. Let students register to use the platform for free. The platform provides free and fee-based teaching materials and exercises. The goal is that students can pay half of the book fees but get ten times more educational resources.

·    Patented technology -> self-learning: through self-developed patented intelligent technology, learners, textbooks and test questions are matched with each other to achieve more individualized and self-directed learning.

·    Data-driven -> More personalization: Analyze learning experience and test performance at different stages through big data, and suggest more directional and personalized learning plans for learners.

·    Multi-role -> Co-construction of the ecosystem: Allow users to play a combination of multiple roles to participate in it, so that various stakeholders can jointly build a new e-learning ecosystem in their multiple roles.

·    Unit reorganization -> Careful matching: E-textbooks are not based on books, but based on learning units, articles, texts, or topics, so that the platform can provide more careful matching.

·    Facilitate teaching -> Teach students in accordance with their aptitude: Through the learning resource matching suggestion tool, teachers can easily combine appropriate learning checklists, homework exercises, quizzes and examination papers for their students or classes.




Another focus is the first education technology metaverse EdTechVerse for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, and a plan to help Hong Kong’s academic and educational circles enter the metaverse within the next year in 2023. It is hoped that the first year can be free or Under the conditions of extremely low cost or extremely high cost-effectiveness, more interested people are welcome to help. This TV interview also outlines the development philosophy and workings of this Metaverse.

The EdTechVerse, combined with Edventures courses, is a self-study platform that promotes self-directed learning. Through patented AI and Metaverse technology, students can explore the world of Edventures in a game format to promote self-directed learning. The platform provides a full range of learning journey-matching tests, learning resources, and tutors.


2018 – 2020



Chairman, Hong Kong Mensa (High IQ Society)



2018 – 2020



Member, Steering Committee, Alpina Charitable Foundation 敦臨慈善基金



2018 – 2019



Founding Director, World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners



2017 – 2019



Honorary President, Young Professionals Alliance 青年專業聯盟



2017 – Now



Ex-Co Member, CityU Eminence Society 城賢匯



2016 – Now



Vice-Chairman, World Psychological Organisation 世界心理組織



2015 – Now





Founder and Chairman, Totaltact Network (NGO)


Dr. Jason founded Totaltact Network as an e-think tank by making use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, to collect and analyze the views from social media and the public to form a mega cross-domain knowledge platform.


2015 – 2019



Vice-President, Hong Kong Shanghai Pudong Association 香港上海浦東聯會



2015 – 2019



School Manager, C.C.C. Kei Long College 中華基督教會基朗中學 校董



2014 – Now



Permanent Honorary President, South China Athletic Association 南華體育會



2014 – 2020



Associate Editor, Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal



2014 – 2020



Vice-President, Hong Kong Public Administration Association 香港公共行政學會



2014 – 2020



Associate Vice-President (Educational Technology), UNESCO HK Association 香港聯合國教科文組織協會



2014 – 2017



President (Education), Young Professionals Alliance 青年專業聯盟



2014 – 2016



Convenor, IT Taskforce, Federation of Self-financing Tertiary Education 自資高等教育聯盟



2013 – 2019



Assessor, The Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI): Technological Achievement



2012 – 2015



Chairman, Hong Kong Mensa (High IQ Society)



2012 – 2014



Ex-Co Member, Hong Kong Public Administration Association



2011 – 2015



School Manager, C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College 中華基督教會蒙民偉書院



2010 – 2012



Honourary Secretary, Hong Kong Mensa (High IQ Society)



Patent Proprietor

2018 Systems and methods for creating study plan via artificial intelligence

Patent No.:HK1250600

Awards Received

Dr. Jason Chan is a recipient of numerous awards.


2021 PolyU CPCE Dean’s Award for Outstanding Service Performance / Achievement
2021 PolyU CPCE Outstanding Service Performance / Achievement Award
2021 Medal of Honour (MH)
2018 Bright Future SME’s Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Award
2018 Outstanding Innovative Enterprise Award
2017 Ten Outstanding CIO & IT Executive
2015 PolyU CPCE Dean’s Award for Outstanding Service Performance / Achievement
2015 PolyU CPCE Outstanding Service Performance / Achievement Award
1998 City University of Hong Kong Tuition Scholarship HK$42,000
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